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*whispers quietly*

i’m gonna cosplay crocodile

*whispers quietly back*

You’re a nerd. But I’m an even bigger one because I’m agreeing to cosplay Doflamingo with you.

*whispering intensifies*

shib decided she wants to be law instead and i think that’s perfect considering and also shhhh don’t tell anyone it’s a secret how nerdy i am but shhhhhhh i’m your nerd and you like it we’re gonna be amazing idiots and yes of course we can go on a roadtrip/ to mcdonalds


Anonymous asked:

Breath, Hope, Doom, and Rage.

Breath - How have I changed over the past year: well, I actually have something to say for this one! Had you asked last year, I wouldn’t have had much to give you. This year, I’ve started really picking myself up as far as my views about myself are concerned. I’m slowly working on my self-confidence and being better about speaking up. I’ve also decided to sit back and re-evaluate some things concerning my orientation after realizing I wasn’t happy. Working two jobs has been a trial, but I’ve been able to conquer my self-doubt and anxiety to do what I need to do and it’s nice to feel that my work has earned me good standing with new co-workers/managers. Overall, I think I’ve begun a change into a stronger, more confident version of myself and I’m liking it. I’m hella fuckin’ cute and no one—not even myself—can convince me otherwise.

Hope - What am I looking forward to: in the very near future? Hopefully (hurhur) will be going out to lunch/movie with my nakama/moirail on Sunday as a late birthday treat! My birthday is Friday, so a bit excited about that: turning 25, can hardly believe it. But as for the future? I look forward to a time in my life that I can share a home with my closest friends and enjoy lasting happiness.

Doom: Have I ever gotten injured: hm, who hasn’t? I’ve never been badly injured to the point of having to go to the hospital but little injuries? All the time. I work in a deli/bakery and as a fry cook, injuries kinda come with the territory. Mostly little cuts and grease burns with occasional bruising.

Rage: What are my biggest pet peeves: people who are unreasonably angry about things beyond their control who take it out on other people (namely employees), being told I’m too young to feel/be tired, being told that I’ll change my mind someday about wanting to have children, and basically anyone belittling my feelings/suffering because someone else (including themselves) have it much worse than I do.

Send me an aspect

  • Breath:

    How have you changed over the past year?

  • Light:

    Would you consider yourself lucky? Why?

  • Time:

    What is your favourite memory?

  • Space:

    If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?

  • Life:

    Are you a rule breaker by heart?

  • Hope:

    What are you looking forward to?

  • Void:

    Do you like being alone?

  • Heart:

    Have you ever been in love?

  • Mind:

    Do you make decisions easily?

  • Doom:

    Have you ever gotten injured?

  • Blood:

    Do you form strong friendships?

  • Rage:

    What are your biggest pet peeves?

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